Smart Cookies Dish Smart Advice

The Smart Cookies are a pretty inspiring group of women. After forming a support group to help overcome their personal debt and learn smart spending and saving habits, the Smart Cookies landed on Oprah, got a ton of media coverage and turned their group into a full-fledged business empire!

Tonight, three of the five Smart Cookies – Andrea Baxter, Katie Dunnsworth and Robyn Gunn – taped an episode of the CBC Studio One Book Club, discussing money and relationships and reading from their new book, The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Couples and Money.

The Smart Cookies' Guide to Couples and Money

The Smart Cookies' Guide to Couples and Money

Here are just a few of the comments and pieces of advice from the book club that really stuck with me:

  • Be smarter with the money you do have, rather than just focusing on the shortfalls – it’s too easy to get weighed down by debt and become a defeatist.
  • Think about your ‘Perfect Day’ — where you are, who you’re with, what your job is — and then consider whether your spending is getting you closer to that vision.
  • Start the conversation – don’t be afraid to talk about money with your partner and don’t wait until you’re in crisis or facing big changes to bring up the subject.
  • Make a regular date with your partner to discuss money – track where your money has been going and look ahead to what’s coming up in the next month that may require some saving. Use it as an opportunity to prioritize your spending and saving goals, and to ensure you’re on the same page.

My favourite line of the night came from Katie, talking about the need for couples to ensure that talking about financial matters remains an integral part of their relationship:

Make it sexy. Put on your push-up bra and talk about money.

The Smart Cookies Book Club will be aired in two parts on CBC Radio One (690AM, 88.1FM) on April 3 and 10, beginning at 8am. The show will also be posted on the CBC website after the broadcast.

The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Couples and Money as well as their first book, The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Making More Dough, are available at your local independent bookstore.


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