What I’m not reading right now…

The To-Be-Read Tower of Books

The To-Be-Read Tower of Books

Some days I worry that social media is keeping me from reading. Or rather, I spend a lot of time reading about books rather than actually reading the books themselves. Whether it’s getting recommendations from booksellers and other avid readers on Twitter, reading reviews on book-related blogs, or listening to podcasts like Books on the Nightstand, at least once a day I discover a new book or five that I simply must read. Eventually.

My bookshelves are overflowing. My to-be-read pile is quite literally taller than me (which makes it more than 5-feet, 3-inches). I’m overwhelmed just thinking about picking the next book to read. Hunger Games or For the Win? Packing for Mars or Android Karenina? The Passage or Gravity’s Rainbow? Okay, so it’s a pretty good problem to have, but still…

How do you keep up with all of the wonderful books available to read? What’s next on your to-be-read list?


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Bookworm, word nerd, grammar geek. Small town girl, living in a lonely world. Running a race-per-month in 2013.
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One Response to What I’m not reading right now…

  1. Ann Payne says:

    I’ve got a Kindle. I still read paper books as well, but I like having so many different titles in one place. At 1 am, which is usually when I finish a book and want to start another one, I can just click my way to another one without even re-arranging the covers. The actual paper books seem to be growing into much larger piles–taller than my 5’3″ self, as well. I have given myself a goal of finishing one a week until the end of the year. If it’s actually going to happen, the Kindle is going to have to stay with me at all times, so that any free moment can be spent enjoying a few more pages. The Geography of Bliss is what I am reading right now. I’m not enjoying it much, but don’t want to quit, as then I can’t count it. That’s my dilemma, now. Reading for enjoyment or to reach my goal?

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