Adventures in E-Reading

Or, You Can Give a Woman an E-Book but You Can’t Make Her Read

I gave my mom a Kobo e-reader for Christmas. I originally intended to write a loooong blog post documenting the oft-frustrating process of buying the Kobo and getting it set up for Christmas Day — from the ill-informed salespeople at Chapters and the software compatibility issues to the seriously non-intuitive process for borrowing e-books from Vancouver Public Library — but instead I present you an email from mom now that she’s had a couple of weeks to “enjoy” her e-reader.

From January 14, 2011:

Can I be honest with you?
As much as I think it’s great, especially being able to make the print larger, I sorta miss having an actual paper book … maybe the novelty is wearing off already ….
Don’t know that I’d recommend anyone else buying one. You can borrow mine whenever you want to.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to read Kraken by China Mieville as an e-book on my phone. I’m loving the story, but find that I’m considerably less engaged in it when it’s just text on a screen than when I have that old-fashioned book in my hand. It’s so much easier to get distracted. Might have to swing by a bookstore today to get a “real” copy.

Like mother, like daughter, I guess.


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4 Responses to Adventures in E-Reading

  1. karmavore says:

    Love it. Apparently, all the ladies in my mom’s bookclub have e-readers and my mom is holding out. The best part is, their HUSBANDS got their readers for them. *sigh* I like your mom.

    • Erin says:

      Funny thing is, my mom originally asked for an e-reader over a year ago, and I was the one talking her out of it. I wanted to wait until the technology improved a bit and the price came down, plus I was still quite anxious about the effect that e-readers would have on indie booksellers.

      I do find it funny that my 60+ year old mother has an e-reader before I do. 🙂

  2. My mom asked me about e-readers in the fall. Since she seemed so set to buy one asap I didn’t bother thinking about doing it for her. I asked her just before Christmas which one she got (so I could get her some e-book gift certificates). She said she hadn’t had time to pick one out yet. My Mom travels a LOT for business. And she loves to read when she flies. So an e-reader makes so much sense for her. Her birthday is coming up, but I don’t dare buy her one or I’ll get the wrong kind.

    BTW – I’m about to try and download the VPL e-reader software so I can borrow books. Might need some advice.

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