Camp, Eat, Read, Run

AliceLake-trees Spend all day at home reading, eating and napping = feel lazy and unproductive. Spend all day at a campground doing the exact same things = I’m outdoorsy!

Most of the weekend was spent overcoming my aversion to ebooks. I was recently given an iPad Mini, and one of my first experiments was to attempt to borrow an ebook from Vancouver Public Library. Either the user interface has radically improved or it’s just easier with an iPad versus a Kobo, but finding and downloading an available (and interesting) ebook was way easier than last time I tried.

I selected The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, and although I’m only about 10 chapters in, I’m already terrified of the modern industrial food system. Plus there’s a certain irony to reading about the nutritional, environmental and economic dangers of corn while eating a largely corn-based treat over a campfire:


Most of our camping meals were actually quite healthy, with a few intentional cheats. My husband and I have been largely following the ‘Paleo’ diet for almost a year now, and it wasn’t as challenging as expected to adapt the Paleo principles to camping food. For example, our Friday night dinner: steak marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and ginger, seared over the campfire and served up alongside roasted asparagus and cherry tomatoes and a baked yam.


Dessert, on the other hand, was as non-Paleo as you could get. I took the aforementioned marshmallows, toasted them, and stuffed them into the center of a maple nut donut from Cartems. It was National Donut Day after all.

AliceLake-donut1 AliceLake-donut2

The justification for camping and consuming all these calories was in fact to run them right off again. We were registered for Saturday’s Alice Lake 5 Peaks Series Trail Run, our first trail race. (Not officially part of my race-a-month schedule; we originally signed up for the Cypress Mountain Trail Run in July, but then had to transfer to the earlier race due to a family wedding the same weekend.)

The sport course (6.9 km) was beautiful, starting from the Alice Lake picnic area and heading up (and I mean UP!) the Four Lakes Trail to Echo Lake, before winding back down (and up, and down, and up, and down) Credit Line Trail to the valley floor. Once again, I was able to power through the uphill sections but struggled on the downhill. Although I really love running on trails, I was especially nervous this time, figuring it would be just my luck to trip and sprain my ankle the week before the San Francisco Half Marathon.

I’m happy to report that my knees both held up well; I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist for the past month, trying to repair whatever damage the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon did and prepare for next week’s San Francisco Half Marathon. I finished the Alice Lake 5 Peaks 6.9 km sport course in 56:49, 118th overall (out of 158 finishers) and 20/31 in my age group. Woo-hoo!


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