The Road to Tinkerbell: Registration Day!

Registration for the 2014 Tinkerbell Half Marathon (and associated 5K/10K/kids races) is now open! And I’m successfully signed up (whew!) along with the hubby.

I can run. I can run. I can run. Photo courtesy of RunDisney.

I can run. I can run. I can run. Photo courtesy of RunDisney.

RunDisney events are popular, and there was so much buzz on the various Disney blogs and forums about the long-rumoured addition of a 10K to the Tink weekend and the new special edition* of the Coast-to-Coast medal (for racers who complete both the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland and the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World in the same calendar year) that there were serious concerns about the race selling out pretty darn fast.

UPDATE: The Tinkerbell Half Marathon is now sold out, and the 10K is 51% full. Register soon if you don’t want to miss out.

As expected, the 10K is a huge draw for Disney fans who aren’t quite ready to attempt a half marathon – it’s the gateway drug that will suck them into the RunDisney addiction.

Since my costume is already planned and good-to-go, all that’s left is to book a hotel, buy park passes, decide if we want to squeeze in a day at either Six Flags or Universal Studios, figure out a park touring plan to maximize the use of FastPass and minimize time waiting in line, and make any hard-to-get dinner reservations. Oh, we should probably squeeze in some actual training for the half marathon. (RunDisney has race-specific training plans for beginners and experienced runners.)

The 2014 Tinkerbell Half Marathon takes place Sunday, January 19. The 2014 course map isn’t out yet, but expect the route to weave through Downtown Disney, California Adventure and Disneyland itself before heading out onto the streets of Anaheim. The $175 registration fee is steep, but it’s Disney so it’s worth it?

* Special edition = pink. It’s a pink version of the regular Coast-to-Coast medal, which actually isn’t all that special if you think about it.

Anyone else running to Never Land?


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2 Responses to The Road to Tinkerbell: Registration Day!

  1. Congrats! This one is on my bucket list. Enjoy!

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