ChoKALEate Chips

When Taylor tweeted that she just might like kale more than chocolate, my brain immediately went: Kale? Chocolate? Kale + chocolate? ChoKALEate!

Tweeting about kale and chocolate

Sadly, my million dollar product idea turned out to be not-so-original. A few days later, what did I see on the shelves of Whole Foods but Kale Krunch packaged chips in the flavour “Chokalet Chip”. Fuck.

Kale ChipsBut wait, these processed kale chips (priced at $5.99 for a 2.2 oz bag, complete with one of those little silica gel ‘freshness’ packs, which I always love to see in food that I’m about in ingest) taste like chalky cardboard. Not appetizing. Hmm, could I make something better?

I started with Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe for baked kale chips. After making two ‘regular’ batches for general snacking purposes, I made another two batches sans sea salt and started experimenting with chocolate. First, the drizzle technique: I microwaved two squares of Baker’s 70% dark chocolate, and used a spoon to drizzle a thin stream of chocolate over the chips. (Getting a consistently even stream of chocolate is tricky.)

Baked Kale Chips Chocolate-drizzled kale chips

My impatience getting the better of me, I started just dipping the kale right into the leftover chocolate, but the delicate nature of kale chips meant that more often than not they crumbled in the chocolate, so I ended up popping many of them right into my mouth. Less of a chocolate kale chip than simply using kale as a chocolate delivery mechanism.

Final verdict: the chocolate-drizzled kale chips were pretty darn good, but because the chocolate never hardened up, they were pretty messy to eat.

I will probably try this again as a special treat (and research different options for a dark chocolate that sets better), but for now, I just picked up this week’s CSA basket and have another fridge full of veggies to prep and eat.

Weekly CSA basket

  • Carrots – we’ve been simply roasting the carrots with a bit of olive oil
  • Broccoli – crispy roasted broccoli is one of my favourite veggie preparations ever
  • Beets – I’ve been boiling the beets, then chopping them up to toss in a spinach and goat cheese salad, with balsamic vinegar
  • Lettuce – oy, more lettuce; this continues to be the challenge, eating up all the greens before they go bad
  • Purple kohlrabi – like the carrots and broccoli, I’ve been slicing up the kohlrabi into half-moon crescents and roasting it, but think it’s time to branch out and try something more creative
  • Green beans – new to the basket this week; based on some Twitter advice, going to saute ’em in butter and sprinkle on some slivered almonds
  • Garlic – still finding myself unsure of what to do with fresh garlic
  • Garlic scapes – so glad I discovered this recipe for garlic scape pesto; we used it on fish and lamb last week, and damn is it good
  • Zucchini – chopped up and cooked into our breakfast egg scramble
  • Apricots – they’ll get grilled alongside shrimp for a sweet summer kabob

The raspberries were purchased separately from another vendor; can’t get enough raspberries!


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