Yaletown Farmers Market

After a long hiatus, the Yaletown Farmers Market is back, now being organized in partnership by the Vancouver Farmers Markets, the Yaletown Business Improvement Association and VIVA Vancouver.

SoleFoodThe ‘short season’ summer market will run every Thursday from August 15 through September 26, 2pm to 6pm, and is being considered a ‘trial run’ to see if it is popular enough to become a permanent market in future years.



During the Yaletown farmers market’s previous form, many years ago, it was squished onto the plaza where the Yaletown-Roundhouse Canada Line Station now stands. This time around, they’ve closed off a block of Mainland Street (between Davie and Helmcken) to allow more space for vendors – a mix of the usual suspects: a few organic farms, baked goods vendors, jewelry and crafty things, and so on.

MarketSeatingI’m very curious to see how the neighbourhood responds to the weekday market, and if local businesses make a fuss about the street closure.


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