What’s up with the box under the bridge?

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According to a quick Google search, this cage-like structure under the north end of the Cambie Bridge was designed to store kayaks. It’s remained empty since its installation, at least four years ago.

Leaves and trash pile up, the occasional bouquet of flowers gets added inside (why and how, I don’t know). So much wasted space.

I’m curious if anyone knows why it was never used for its intended purpose.

With its proximity to the Seawall, wouldn’t this be a great spot for one of the city’s proposed bike share depots? Or an extension of the nearby playground. Or some kind of public art installation. Or make it a public-shaming cage where bylaw officers send people for texting while driving or smoking in the park or not cleaning up after their dogs.


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Bookworm, word nerd, grammar geek. Small town girl, living in a lonely world. Running a race-per-month in 2013.
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