September 2013: Vancouver Eastside 10K

Race Stats
Date: September 14, 2013
Distance: 10k (6.2 miles)
Pace: 9:55 min/mile
Finish Time: 1:01:33
Overall Place: 853/1495

I really need to get back into the habit of laying out all of my running clothes and gear the night before a race. The morning of the Vancouver Eastside 10K, I forgot my:

  • Garmin running watch
  • RoadID bracelet (with emergency contact info)
  • good running socks (there were still in the laundry basket)

Between forgetting my watch and rushing to walk up to the start line near the Stadium Skytrain Station, I was all discombobulated — I was off to a rough start and that carried through the entire race. Without my watch, I had no sense of my pace or when I should take a breather. As a result, I never really got into the groove, and struggled the entire way.

My finish time of 1:01:33 isn’t horrendous or anything, but that hour felt a hell of a lot tougher than it should have — even to the point that I got very wobbly and slightly nauseated after crossing the finish line. A very nice medical volunteer had to help support me and keep me walking through the chute so I didn’t collapse.

Oh well, there’s always another race.

This was the first year for the Vancouver Eastside 10K, and although I like the course (except for ending on a full kilometre of uphill on the Dunsmuir Viaduct; that part fucking sucked), I felt a lot of privileged-middle-class guilt running through the Downtown Eastside past homeless people sleeping in doorways. Are we helping by raising awareness and showing support for the neighbourhood, or are we playing tourist and disturbing the residents by running through their community? I don’t know.

Speaking of I don’t knows, I don’t know why someone would juggle during a 10K, but then again people don’t understand why I ran a half marathon in a glitter tutu and clamshells, so to each their own.


Eastside-JumpThe official race photos were just posted, but I just can’t bring myself to pay $50 for eight digital files. A lot of effort and organization goes into taking good race photos, but I wonder if the race photographers have considered how many more people would buy the photo package if it was closer to the $20 mark.

So yes, I snagged this image from the website without paying for it. I’ve bought the race photo packages from two of my races this year, both half marathons and each including more than 30 photos, at least a few of which didn’t have me making a weird face. [Seriously, what the hell kind of expression am I making here? I think it’s a I want a leaping-in-mid-air photo but fuck I hope I don’t fall on my face face.]

Anyway. Hey, my Twitter friends Corinna and Fiona were featured in this GlobalBC interview about the run.

Next month, I’ll be running the Granville Island Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving Day. Gobble, gobble.


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Bookworm, word nerd, grammar geek. Small town girl, living in a lonely world. Running a race-per-month in 2013.
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One Response to September 2013: Vancouver Eastside 10K

  1. I also felt a bit weird running by the bewildered looks on the faces of the DTES residents.

    I need to work on my leaping near the finish line. That’s a great shot. I only had one decent shot taken by the photographers. I’d consider buying it if the price was closer to $10 instead of $30.

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