Whole30: Week One

The first week of my latest Whole30 flew by pretty quickly.

Our breakfasts are essentially the same as any other morning: scrambled eggs and sauteed veggies, with a slice of cantaloupe or perhaps a plum. For those mornings when I know we won’t have time to make/eat a proper breakfast, I make a batch of these apple streusel egg ‘muffins’ the night before.


A typical ‘no time to cook’ breakfast: a few slices of roast beef, an apple-and-egg muffin, half an avocado, some spinach and zucchini, some cantaloupe and coronation grapes

Lunches are either leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, or a protein-heavy salad such as The Clothes Make the Girl’s tuna and apple waldorf salad or The Primalist’s curry apricot chicken salad.

Dinner is where we get creative, and it’s my goal to have a different dinner each night of this Whole30. This week included:

  • Day 1: Grilled lamp lollipops with basil pesto, and an heirloom tomato salad
  • Day 2: Pan-seared halibut with basil pesto, roasted green beans with a spicy dipping sauce, and roasted eggplant and baby carrots
  • Day 3: Turkey taco lettuce wraps with tons of avocado, and a spinach salad with plums, mushrooms and carrots
  • Day 4: Thanksgiving meatballs, along with roasted eggplant and yellow beans
  • Day 5: Slow-roasted pork ribs with a spice rub, with roasted green beans and heirloom tomatoes
  • Day 6: Thai curry beef stew*
  • Day 7: Steamed spring rolls made with pork and cabbage (from the Gather cookbook)
Mmmm, spicy oven-baked ribs. Bone suckin' good.

Mmmm, spicy oven-baked ribs. Bone suckin’ good.

Sticking to the Whole30 is so much easier when you’re cooking all your meals at home and can control exactly what goes into them. On Day 6, I made Thai curry beef stew in the slow cooker so that I’d have something ready to eat before heading to the Canucks game that evening. Except I fucked up on reading the recipe thoroughly and didn’t start the slow cooker in time so the stew wasn’t ready before the game. So while my husband was at home enjoying the delicious stew, I actually ended up grabbing some roast beef to stuff in my mouth on the way out the door, eating yam fries (the least-objectionable-item on the menu) at a local restaurant before the game, and smuggling a Larabar into Rogers Arena to eat during intermission. [Sidenote: preseason NHL games are way less interesting when you’re not drinking.]

One week in, and I’ve had a few sugar cravings but nothing as bad as the first time around. They’re not kidding in It Starts with Food when they warn you about sugar withdrawal headaches and the ‘carb flu’.

Now to head off to the Yaletown Farmer’s Market for more veggies! I’ve gone from struggling to use up our weekly CSA bounty to needing to supplement mid-week.


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